Akira: The Kaneda Short Film (Live Action) Review

So I’ve decided to try my hand as a YouTube critic and review some videos. When a simple facebook post for a video turned into a long winded review that broke down editing and aesthetic I figured, “Hey! I should post this on my website!” So here you go.

This is a fan made trailer for the anime feature film Akira. I dunno why, but even though I’ve only seen the film a couple of times, I’m obsessed with the world that the story takes place in. This is why I was excited to see a fan produce original content that extended the world beyond the Manga and the Anime. Despite this being an amateur attempt by a fellow amateur like myself, I think that the director does a really good job with the resources that he has. The strength in this video is the editing which is cut fast enough to carry the story and make the trailer compelling.

The opening is cut just quickly enough that I don’t get bored, and I think not cutting something short enough is a mistake that too many amateur film makers make. In order for me to enjoy action videos to the max, it needs to involve a tense situation, a character you care about, precise editing, and strong sound design. This video has all of these elements, and I appreciate the fact that it stands out from the other YouTube videos that rely heavily on VFX, but lack story and originality.

Even though the visuals could be stronger during the bike riding scenes, the fighting scenes pack a punch, doen’t waste time, and immerse you into the action. I also think the style and aesthetic holds true to the original movie; plus it is refreshing to watch a live action video that takes its stylistic cues from Anime. Watching a video like this feels new, and I hope more directors become inspired to emulate a similar style in the future.

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