My first narrative web series

Introducing, the first narrative web series I had the pleasure of shooting and editing. It’s called Every Other Weekend and it’s written by Troy Whitaker and Chris Wiebler. It also features Troy Whitaker, Chris Wiebler, and Chris’ son Wil as the main characters. It’s about a recently divorced father and inventor (Chris) who loses his patents to his wife, moves in with his step-brother (Troy), and gets the idea to make his son (Wil) a child star even though he only gets to see him “every other weekend”.  I was originally brought on as an editor, but when it turned out there was no camera person, I ended up taking over as the cinematographer. Most of my past work as been music videos or documentaries, so narrative work is new to me. I learned a lot, and I definitely have a lot to work on. For future episodes I plan on doing less over the shoulder shots, and more wide shots. Us DSLR cinematographers tend to gravitate towards the closeup shots with a shallow depth of field. While there’s a time and place for that look, it’s best not to over do it.

We had no budget, equipment, or lighting, so we did the best that we could to create a professional look with practical, natural light, and a Rhode microphone. We have 5 episodes shot already, and we plan on shooting 5 more. Subscribe to the Every Other Weekend YouTube channel if you want to know when new episodes come out. New episodes come out every other weekend so the next episode will air Friday July 1st, 2016.

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